A Moonstone Epic

Hey peeps what up keep commenting I want to know what i should do to my blog… Anyway, I’m going to be talking about what happened last night [fiction]… my dad was depressed from work that he put a hundred dollar bill in his shredder and he put his 4s iPhone in the blender. He was about to shred the hundred dollar bill, but instead of being a moron and just gawking at him, I quickly snatched the 100 dollars and said, “You’ve always told me that there is a value in money… you… you hypocrite!” My dad, on the other hand, had strolled quietly down the stairs to blend his phone, of course I didn’t want to be the gawking moron again, so I sprinted down just when he was about to press the button, but again I saved the day by knocking him away, opening the lid, and snatching the phone. Then I said, “You’ve always told me there was a value in technology…you…you hypocrite!” But this time he said, “Son, y’see the beauty of this blender? It’s also technology!” “I’m talking about the phone.” I replied. “Hmph. Gimme that phone back!” I gave it back, hoping he had learned a lesson. However… when I came back from school… you can guess what happened.


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