The helicopter and the seaplane

Let’s take a break of unscrambling. I’m going to make a new Aesop story. Please like this :]

There once was a seaplane and a helicopter. They flew around in circles to write and draw in the sky. One time, the helicopter accidentally got in the seaplane’s territory of drawing and writing. They decided that whoever won at least 2/3 Air-cloud-sun battles would get the other one’s territory. The helicopter had much experience in these childish games, but he hadn’t had a lot of time to rest since he was peacefully drawing and writing with clouds all day. So, a couple of hours later, the great battles begun. Just as a note, cloud beats air, sun beats cloud, and air beats sun. The seaplane got its propellers rolling, while the helicopter got it choppers roaring. “Air-a-cloud-a-sun-a SHOO!” the helicopter curled his choppers into the shape of a cloud, but the seaplane cheated and 1 nanosecond later he made his propellers form a sun. The second round, the helicopter took advantage that the seaplane was praising himself over the victory of the first round, and formed the shape of a cloud, since he knew that if the seaplane didn’t response in a game of Air-cloud-sun within 5 seconds, he would automatically pick air. The seaplane won the first round, and the helicopter won the second round, and they were both under pressure. The seaplane was surprised that the helicopter had won. They both were focusing in their over sized brains, and then they both shouted, “AIR CLOUD SUN SHOO!” the helicopter quickly formed his choppers into the shape of a sun, while thinking it was his luckiest form, the helicopter made the shape of a cloud. The battle had been won by the helicopter, the quick thinking and loyal. The helicopter now owned both territories, while the seaplanes owned none. Since the helicopter was very kind, he said it was just a game and he could take his territory back.

Later, the seaplane thought about when he cheated and he never told his only and best friend helicopter. He punished himself and flew to helicopter. The seaplane sheepishly told the helicopter that he had cheated, but the helicopter said it’s okay, it was just a game. The seaplane learned to share and they both lived life drawing and writing and working in harmony.


 Moral of the story: Do not be greedy, or you will get a bad karma and it will backfire at you.


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